• Sold with title
  • Older restoration
  • Previously owned by L. Bartley, Illinois
  • Engine # DCE205M
  • No key
  • A 10% buyer premium applies

After William Henderson sold his Henderson Motorcycle Co. to Schwinn in 1917, he soon founded the Ace Motorcycle Company. The first Ace Four was offered late in 1919, for the 1920 season, and retained the ‘F-head’ (inlet-over-exhaust) valve gear of the original Henderson. Ace was the fastest production motorcycle in the world with a 90 MPH top speed, but sales were not so fast, and the company went bust in 1924. In 1926, the reorganized firm was owned by Detroit motors, and in January of 1927 Indian purchased the Ace name, rights, and tooling.

The 1928 Indian-Ace changed little initially, but within two years the engine was enlarged to 1260cc and strengthened internally, while Indian began to restyle the machine in line with the rest of its line. This transformation began with a restyle for the 1929 season (Model 401) followed by a new Indian-style twin down-tube frame, leaf-sprung front fork and a five-main-bearing crankshaft on the Model 402.  Introduced on June 1, 1929, the latter was the biggest single change made to the motor up to mid-1935. The 1935 Indian Four is one of the last Ace-type Fours, as in mid-1935 the so-called ‘upside down’ Four was introduced.

This 1935 Indian Model 435 four-cylinder, serial #DCE205M, is a magneto-igniton model and a rare machine, being produced for only half a year, before the new (and unloved) ‘upside down’ engine was introduced. It bears the beautifully skirted fenders and streamlined tank, which made the mid-’30s Indian range among the most beautiful motorcycles ever built, and was previously owned by L. Bartley of Illinois.

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