• CCCA Full Classic
  • Serial no. 32317F
  • Engine no. FC3029
  • 1 of only 64 supercharged Convertible Coupes produced
  • Iconic art deco design by Gordon Buehrig
  • Professional frame-off restoration completed by Steve’s Auto Restorations in Portland, Oregon
  • Awarded First prize at the Portland Forest Grove Concours d’Elegance and achieved Best of Show honors the following year
  • 289/170 HP L-head V-8 engine
  • Schwitzer-Cummins pull-through supercharger
  • Bendix 4-speed Pre-selector gearbox
  • Independent front suspension with transverse leaf springs
  • Rear semi-elliptic leaf springs
  • 4-wheel hydraulic drum brakes
  • Front wheel drive
  • Finished in Maroon with Tan leather interior
  • Pop-up headlamps
  • Bumper guards
  • A 10% buyer premium applies


When the front-drive Cord was introduced in late 1935, it was available in four body types, the most exciting of which to many potential customers was the two-passenger C91 convertible coupe. The convertible coupe was a vision of youth, speed and style, and this restored Full CCCA Classic 1937 Cord 812 with Chassis No. 32317F and Engine No. FC3029 is a prime example of why. This Burgundy Cord is one of only 64 convertible coupes produced with the highly desirable Schwitzer-Cummins centrifugal supercharger.

The 1937 Cord standard chassis was based on a revolutionary welded unitized body design with a bolt-on front subframe that carried the engine and final drive assembly on a 125-inch wheelbase. Like all 810/812 Cords, the chassis is supported by a transverse semi-elliptic front spring with independent suspension like a modern Corvette and parallel semi-elliptic rear springs on a tubular axle. Its 16-inch steel wheels feature full chrome-plated covers and ride on wide white sidewall tires, while 4-wheel hydraulic drum brakes provide stopping power. Wide chrome-plated bumpers with guards protect the front and rear of the car.

Power is supplied by a Lycoming-built 288.6 CI L-head V-8 that develops an advertised 170 HP at 4,200 RPM with a single dual-downdraft Stromberg AA-25 carburetor. Cylinder heads are Bohnalite finned cast aluminum. Flexible bright outside exhaust pipes exit the hood fence on both sides, displaying what Cord called “The coat of arms of motoring royalty.” The final drive unit was a 4-speed transmission with an overdrive fourth gear operated by a Bendix vacuum/electric system and a small lever on the side of the steering column.

The Cord body is an iconic Art Deco design by renowned stylist Gordon Buehrig and is considered one of the most beautiful automobiles ever built. The most noticeable exterior feature of the 810/812 Cord is its distinctive front end with pontoon fenders, front opening hood and wraparound fence with no normal radiator grille. Retractable headlights at the front and flush-mounted tail lights in the rear deck complete the smooth aerodynamic look.

The interior of this 1937 Cord 812 Supercharged Convertible Coupe is trimmed in pleated tan leather on the seats and door panels, and maroon wool carpeting covers the floors. The tan convertible top folds into a hidden compartment covered by a flush-mounted cover behind the seats. This Cord has had a restoration completed by Steve’s Auto Restoration in Portland, Oregon. It was awarded First Prize at the Portland Forest Grove Concours d’Elegance and achieved Best of Show honors the following year. This Cord will be the star of any CCCA, AACA or ACD Club show or event and the center of any collection.