• Frame: RC6390B
  • Engine: F10AB/1B/4490
  • Crankcase mating number: HH59
  • 998cc – 50* OHV V Twin
  • 55bhp @ 5500 rpm
  • 125 mph top speed-
  • Wheelbase: 56.5″
  • Dry Weight: 455 lbs
  • Winner of the “Spirit of the Quail Award” at the 2013 Quail Motorcycle Gathering
  • Complete mechanical and cosmetic restoration
  • 100% authentic and correct
  • A 10% buyer premium applies


The Vincent Black Shadow was the world’s fastest production motorcycle in its day, and this example is the genuine article in every respect. Authenticated by factory records and the Vincent Owners Club, this bike was manufactured in 1949, and then was imported to the United States by ISC Springfield in August 1950 as a 1951 model. ISC was the Indian Sales Corporation, part of The Indian Motorcycle Manufacturing Company, who was the main importer of Vincents into the States and Canada in the 1950s.

The bike was purchased by an Indian enthusiast in the early Sixties, and dissembled for a rebuild. The owner and his grandson stripped the bike down, and proceeded to paint all of the parts red, including the frame and engine. This is as far as the rebuild would ever get. The Black Shadow would remain in boxes in his South Carolina workshop for the next 40 years. Fortunately the red paint preserved all of the parts, and amazingly, when the boxes were opened, the bike was very complete.

In 2007 the Harris Vincent Gallery in Austin, TX performed a complete mechanical and cosmetic restoration on the Black Shadow with an unlimited budget. The use of only NOS parts, and genuine original parts reconditioned as new sets this bike apart from other restorations, and makes this bike 100% authentic and correct. Between 1948 -1954 only 1,507 Series “C” Black Shadows were built, and only a fraction survive today.

The Black Shadow featured several new technological innovations, such as a unique and original alternative to the primitive telescopic front forks of the day, a sprung rear sub-frame, the extensive use of aluminum alloy and a unit construction engine. The Black Shadow was a “stressed frame” design. The engine, instead of being cradled in a set of frame rails, was suspended from above, becoming a stressed member, or integral part of the structure. The bike weighed in at a relatively light 455 lb (208 kg) which was about the weight of a pre-war 500 cc bike.

Due to their speed and performance, Vincent Black Shadow are prized by their owners as they can be ridden at modern highway speeds without stress, a fact which makes them unique among vintage motorcycles of this period.

The Black Shadow most recently competed in the 2013 The Quail Motorcycle Gathering where it was the winner of the “Spirit of the Quail Award” and the only post-war bike to achieve a perfect score.

Arrangements to purchase this vehicle can be made directly by contacting Mecum representative Rob Williams by phone or text at (262) 236-7705 or by email at rwilliams@mecum.com.