• 1 of only 133 L76 Convertibles produced with factory air conditioning in 1965
  • 1 of only 60 air cars equipped with transistor ignition
  • Bloomington Gold Certified in 2020 with a score of 98
  • NCRS Top Flight award in 2020 with a score of 98.8
  • CCAS engine pad and trim tag affirmations
  • Sold new at Davis Chevrolet in Bismark, North Dakota
  • Original no-hit body
  • Original matching numbers HM-suffix L76 327/365 HP V-8 engine
  • M20 4-speed transmission
  • Off road exhaust
  • 3.36 Positraction rear end
  • Power brakes
  • Code 900 Tuxedo Black with 408 Red leather interior
  • Black soft top
  • Power windows
  • Teakwood steering wheel
  • Tinted glass
  • AM/FM radio
  • Auxiliary hardtop
  • Five original Kelsey Hayes Knock-off wheels
  • Goldline tires
  • NCRS shipping data report
  • A 10% buyer premium applies


This 1965 Corvette Convertible hosts a very rare and unique combination of factory equipment that makes it extremely desirable to collectors today. This Sting Ray is one of only 133 convertibles produced with the L76 327/365 HP solid-lifter small-block V-8 and factory air conditioning. Furthermore, it is one of only 60 cars produced with the combination of factory air conditioning and transistor ignition. In fact, this factory black-on-red car is one of the most highly optioned 1965 Corvettes in the world.

Sold new for the astonishing price of $6,201.95 at Davis Chevrolet in Bismark, North Dakota, the extensive list of factory options includes: Tuxedo Black paint with a red leather interior, L76 327/365 HP engine, M20 4-speed transmission, G81 3.36 Positraction rear end, C60 factory air conditioning, K66 transistor ignition, N11 off-road exhaust, C07 auxiliary hardtop, black soft top, J50 power brakes, A31 power windows, N36 telescopic column, N32 teakwood steering wheel, A01 tinted glass, U69 AM/FM radio and P48 knock-off wheels with T01 goldline tires.

The L76 engine was the most powerful carbureted small-block V-8 ever offered in a midyear Corvette. It shared the same engine block, heads and solid lifters with the legendary L84 fuel-injected 327/375 HP engine, but the carbureted L76 version was easier to maintain and allowed buyers to select air conditioning on the order form (air conditioning was not available for the L84 327 small-block or L78 396 big-block).

The K66 transistor ignition option replaced the standard ignition system with solid-state electronic devices. A magnetic pickup in the distributor sent a pulse to an ignition amplifier, which directed the coil to send out a burst of high voltage. Later on, the K66 option became standard equipment for big-block Corvettes and unlocked the true capability of the new high-horsepower engines. When combined with factory air conditioning and transistor ignition, the L76 engine was designated with an HM-suffix on the engine assembly stamp pad and came equipped with a special high-output 60 amp alternator and fully transistorized voltage regulator.

This stunning 1965 Corvette retains its “no-hit” original body panels and original matching-numbers 327/365 HP V-8 engine, which has been affirmed by Al Grenning. Its five Kelsey-Hayes cast aluminum knock-off wheels are original as well. The car received an extensive restoration in its factory-original color combination of Code 900 Tuxedo Black with a Code 408 Red leather interior. The original trim tag has been examined by Al Grenning as well.

In 2020, the car earned Bloomington Gold certification and an NCRS Top Flight award scoring 98.0 and 98.8, respectively. This rare car is documented with ownership history back to 1971, restoration photos confirming the no-hit body, CCAS trim tag and engine pad affirmations, Bloomington Gold and NCRS certificates and judging sheets, and an NCRS shipping data report.

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