• 20,650 miles since new
  • One of only two Pace Cars and the only example known to exist
  • Originally purchased by Motor Trend Magazine and George Hurst of Hurst Performance Products
  • Original Protect-O-Plate made out to Motor Trend
  • 1964 California title application issued to “Mr. George Hurst, Hurst and Campbell Company”
  • The first car was awarded to the 1965 Riverside 500 race-winner, Dan Gurney and this car was awarded to a lucky ticket holder
  • The first car to wear Hurst mag wheels
  • Tri-Power 389/360 HP V-8 engine
  • Synchronized 4-speed manual transmission
  • 3.55 Safe-T-Track differential
  • Ride and handling package
  • Power steering
  • Power brakes
  • Cameo Ivory with Black interior and convertible top
  • Original lettering replicated to exacting standards using period photos
  • Bucket seats and center console
  • Soft Ray tinted windshield
  • Custom sport steering wheel
  • Rally gauge cluster with tachometer
  • Windshield washer with dual-speed wipers
  • Seat belts with outboard retractor
  • Glovebox, parking brake and ash tray and lighter lamps
  • Original Hurst wheels with stamped-in serial numbers
  • Cover car for the March 2006 issue of Car Collector Magazine
  • A 10% buyer premium applies


This very car was purchased new by Petersen Publishing/MotorTrend Magazine and George Hurst of Hurst Performance Products. The original warranty Protect-O-Plate is made out to “MOTOR TREND,” and the original 1964 California application for title is to “Mr. George Hurst, Hurst & Campbell Company.”

More importantly, this GTO is the first car to be fitted with the now legendary Hurst Wheels. It still wears the original October 1964 date-coded and numbered set that were installed in December 1964 (serial numbers 000019, 000021, 000025 and 000028).

This GTO is the car chosen to introduce the Hurst Wheel at the Ambassador Hotel Wheel Press Party on January 5, 1965. This was the first showing of Hurst Wheels, with this GTO being the first car to ever wear them. Original photographs from the press party show this car with George Hurst standing in the front seat, along with a bevy of “Hurst Girls” displayed on the car. Sitting front and center on the hood is none other than the lovely “Miss Hurst,” Linda Vaughn.

After the press party, George Hurst and MotorTrend prepared a similar car to this one, and the two were chosen as the official pace cars for the 1965 MotorTrend Riverside 500 race. As part of a Jim Wangers marketing plan, one car was to be given to the race winner, who was none other than Dan Gurney, with the other car being given to a lucky ticket holder at the race. While Gurney’s GTO is thought to have been crushed many years ago, the other GTO, this car, was indeed given to a ticket holder that day. Thankfully, the winner of this car cherished it and drove it sparingly for just three years before selling it to a collector who stored it away until 1996.

Amazingly enough, with just 20,000 original miles, this car is original and unrestored. The lettering on the car has been exactly replicated to be as it was in 1964 using period photographs. In addition to the Hurst provenance, it is also a documented factory Tri-Power 4-speed convertible that is loaded with options, just as George Hurst always ordered his cars.

This is the “Sister Car” to the 1965 Hurst “GeeTO Tiger.” In fact, after a long hunt to find both cars, they were individually purchased and finally reunited in 2005 by noted collector and author Colin Comer for his collection of significant GTOs. Both were the subject of chapters dedicated to them in Comer’s 2007 book entitled “Million-Dollar Muscle Cars.” Later, the cars were sold as a pair to collector Bob Marvin of Minnesota. Both cars remained in Marvin’s collection for approximately 10 years before Dana Mecum acquired them to complete a collection of his all-time favorite GTOs.

As significant as GTOs have become in their own right, this car—with the combination of being a great original GTO, the first car ever to wear Hurst wheels and the brainchild of none other than George Hurst, MotorTrend Magazine and the “Godfather of the GTO” Jim Wangers—has to be considered a priceless piece of Pontiac history.

Arrangements to purchase this vehicle can be made directly by contacting Mecum representative Rob Williams by phone or text at (262) 236-7705 or by email at rwilliams@mecum.com.