• Frame no. RC7703
  • Engine no. F10AB1B5803
  • 100 point restoration
  • 2 time Quail winner – One time at motorcycle show and one time at car show
  • California plate included
  • Vincent Rider’s handbook included
  • Restoration invoices included
  • Quail trophies
  • Tool kit
  • Cover
  • A 10% buyer premium applies

The Vincent Black Shadow is an all-time legendary motorcycle, and you simply can’t find a better one than a 1953 model with a 100-point restoration and two wins at the Quail Concours. The Vincent Black Shadow is legendary for its name, its all-black finish and the fact that it was the fastest production motorcycle in the world from 1948 to 1973.


The Black Shadow was the ultimate expression of Philip Vincent’s dream of combining comfort, quality, engineering and speed in a single motorcycle. Vincent was an innovator in chassis design from the mid-1920s onward. His father purchased HRD in 1928 at a bankruptcy sale, and Vincent incorporated his chassis design in the new Vincent-HRD motorcycles. When fed up with the crudeness of JAP engines, Vincent hired Phil Irving to design a new OHV single-cylinder motor (with its camshaft high in the timing chest) for the Comet and Meteor models. Vincent doubled down with his first V-twin, the Model A Rapide of 1938, which stole the “world’s fastest” crown from the Brough Superior SS100 and was the first of Vincent’s superbikes. During World War II, Irving and Vincent secretly designed and prototyped a more compact V-twin, introduced as the Series B Rapide for 1946. It was faster, lighter and stronger than the prewar model, and it only got better when it was tuned for more speed as the Black Shadow and equally legendary Black Lightning racer. The first Black Shadows of 1948 used Brampton girder forks up front, and, by their second year of production, used the new Girdraulic forks for the Series C models. The Girdraulics had forged aluminum blades and were immensely strong, especially for use with a sidecar, and they were immune to sideways forces when cornering. Vincents handled very well for their time and won the Unlimited class at the Manx GP three times, and recorded 19 top-10 finishes at the toughest road race in the world. This stunning 1953 Vincent Series C Black Shadow is a true 100-point machine that is correct in every detail and in immaculate condition. It’s simply the best of the best, and if you want the best, this is your chance.

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